Mario's Alacarzoom.Notice the red stripe on the back.



After unlocking everything else you unlock

Can be used by:

Mario, Luigi and Toadsworth

On road speed:

Very, very, very fast

Off road speed:

Very fast


Can hold off invincibility and anything less stronger than invincibility.


The Alacarzoom is a very good Kart.It is unlocked after you unlock everything else you can unlock.It is so strong it can hold off invincibility!It is mostly yellow with a red seat and either red, green, or purple stripes, depending on who is driving it(Mario is red, Luigi is green, and Toadsworth is purple.).


  • It is twice as big as a normal sized Kart
  • It can only be driven by 3 carachters
    • Those three carachters are Mario, Luigi, and Toadsworth
  • It will have the character who is driving it's symbol
    • Mario's a red M, Luigi's a green L, and Toadsworth's is a purple mushroom.
    • It can hold off the Invincibility Star but not the Grand Star