Smash Mountain is a race that has 5 laps instead of 3.Smash Mountain is owned by Browser.There are 7 places to get ? boxes.Most commonly you will get the banana peel, the triple banana peel, the turtle shell(green is more common than red),or the triple turtle shell.In this race, rocks fall all around your character crushing them if it falls on them.If you get crushed, you have to start at the last row of ? boxes.You can make rocks go away with a turtle shell, a bomb, a bomb bird, an invincibility star(drive into it), a bullet(drive into it), or a giant mushroom(again, drive into it).If you use a giant mushroom on a rock, your characters ability to go faster and crush other characters will go away.Every once in a while, an earthquake will come, making all the characters in an area go back to the last row of ? boxes.Usually an area is 1 row of ? boxes to the next one.